• Le Concert Spirituel © Eric Manas
    Le Concert Spirituel © Eric Manas
  • Le Concert Spirituel © Librairie Mollat
    Le Concert Spirituel © Librairie Mollat
  • Vivaldi / Campra © Le Concert Spirituel
    Vivaldi / Campra © Le Concert Spirituel
Saison 2021-2022
Saison 2022-2023

Wednesday 16 December 2020, 9pm
Théâtre du Châtelet -streaming


Antonio Lucio VIVALDI 

Psaume 121 Laetatus sum 
Domine ad adjuvendum me festina RV 593
Magnificat RV 610 en sol mineur « Mon âme magnifie le Seigneur » Psaume 147 Lauda Jerusalem
Gloria per l’ospedale RV 589 en ré majeur

Female choir

1h without interval

The program has been recorded by Alpha Classics in 2015.

Gloria & Magnificat by Vivaldi

Famous virtuoso violinist, and the author of over 500 instrumental concertos, sacred choral works and over 40 operas, Vivaldi wrote a lot of master pieces for the Ospedale della Pietà, a religious institution where young orphan or abandoned girls received a musical education, among which the Gloria RV 589 is one of his most beloved ones.

"Vivaldi is simply overwhelming. To approach his music is a bit like going to a yoga class: sometimes we are reluctant to go there but in the end, we are immersed in the greatest jubilation. After decades of looking at it, I'm still not tired of it." Hervé Niquet

Thus, Vivaldi benefited from the extraordinary opportunity to have one of the better venetian ensembles, and it is for these young girls that he composed his famous Gloria. Before the Gloria, Hervé Niquet chose to present Vivaldi’s Magnificat as well as three psalms: Laetatus sum, In exitu Israel, and Lauda Jerusalem.
During the concert, Vivaldi's scors will be given with equal voices, only for a female choir "en chapelle" - a vrey common way in the Baroque period.