• Le Malade imaginaire © Hélène Aubert
    Le Malade imaginaire © Hélène Aubert
  • Le Malade imaginaire © Hélène Aubert
    Le Malade imaginaire © Hélène Aubert
  • Le Malade imaginaire © Hélène Aubert
    Le Malade imaginaire © Hélène Aubert
  • Le Malade imaginaire © Hélène Aubert
    Le Malade imaginaire © Hélène Aubert
Saison 2021-2022

Saturday 15 January 2022, 8pm
Sunday 16 January 2022, 4pm
Opéra de Massy

Saturday 22 January 2022, 6pm
Sunday 23 January 2022, 4pm
Tuesday 25 January 2022, 8pm
Wednesday 26 January 2022, 8pm
Thursday 27 January 2022, 8pm
Friday 28 January 2022, 8pm
Saturday 29 January 2022, 6pm
Sunday 30 January 2022, 4pm
Tuesday 1st February 2022, 8pm
Wednesday 2nd February 2022, 8pm
Thursday 3rd February 2022, 8pm
Performances for schools: Tuesday 1st and 3rd February, 2.30pm
Opéra de Nantes - Théâtre Graslin

Friday 4 March 2022, 8pm
Saturday 5 March 2022, 6pm
Performances for schools: Friday 4 March, 2.30pm
Grand Théâtre - Opéra d'Angers

Friday 18 March 2022, 8.30pm
Saturday 19 March 2022, 8.30pm
Sunday 20 Marc 2022, 2.30pm
Opéra de Reims

Thrusday 7 April 2022, 8pm
Friday 8 April 2022, 8pm
Auditorium du Conservatoire de Tourcoing
Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing

Saturday 18 June 2022, 8.30pm
Sunday 19 June 2022, 2.30pm
Opéra Grand Avignon


Vincent Tavernier, Stage director
Les Malins Plaisirs

Hervé Niquet, conductor
Nicolas André, guest conductor
Le Concert Spirituel

Marie-Geneviève Massé, choreographer
Cie de danse L’Eventail

Claire Niquet, set
Erick Plaza-Cochet, costumes
Carlos Perez, lights

Axelle Fanyo, Lucie Edel
Flore Royer
Blaise Rantoanina
Romain Dayez
Yannis François / Nicolas Brooymans

Malins Plaisirs' comedians
Pierre-Guy Cluzeau, Marie Loisel, Juliette Mmalfray, Jeanne Bonenfant, Laurent Prévôt, Quentin-maya Boyé, Benoît Dallongeville, Maxime Costa, Olivier Berhault

Cie de danse l'Eventail's dancers
Annne-Sophie Ott, Clémence Lemarchand, Céline Angibaud, Olivier Collin, Robert Le Nuz, Artur Zakirov, Romain Di Fazio, Pierre Guibault

Concert Spirituel's Orchestra

Timing : 3h30 without intermission
from 10 years old

Coproduction : Les Malins Plaisirs, Le Concert Spirituel, Cie de danse L'Eventail, Angers-Nantes Opéra,
le Grand T - Scène conventionnée de Loire-Atlantique, l'Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing, l’Opéra de Massy, l’Opéra de Reims, l’Opéra Grand Avignon, le Théâtre Alexandre Dumas de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, le Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, le Théâtre Montansier de Versailles, La Barcarolle - Scène conventionnée du Pays de Saint-Omer et la ville du Touquet-Paris-Plage.
Spectacle aidé à la création et à la diffusion par la SPEDIDAM.

New edition of the score of Marc-Antoine Charpentier by Catherine Cessac / CMBV

Comedy-ballet in three acts

Written when Molière knew he was ill and dying, Le Malade imaginaire gives no hint of the author's anguish at his imminent death. A joyous and exuberant festival, the Carnival will gradually triumph over the state of sadness in which Argan entraps his entourage. At once a cocoon, a fortress and a prison, the master of the house maintains this protection by subjugating his entire household. Isolated, they find themself surrounded by the effervescence and joy of Carnival, which moves into town and intrudes on the household. Molière gives a splendid lesson in life, pulling off the sad masks to exalt the joyful ones.

Argan believes himself to be seriously ill - and his whole family has to live under the rule of this tyrannical imagination. Some of them see all the profit to be made from it: Béline, his second wife, with the help of the notary Bonnefoi, speculate on a forthcoming death to capture the inheritance; the doctor Purgon and the apothecary Fleurant, on the other hand, expect their client to be an inexhaustible source of large income; Doctor Diafoirus, for his part, intends to make the most of a marriage between his doctor son and Angélique, Argan's daughter and the main victim of his father's monomania. Others seek to open the eyes of the allegedly ill man: Béralde, his brother, and Toinette, the faithful - and imaginative - servant of the household. With the forthcoming announcement of the wedding, all these springs suddenly come into play - while in town the Carnival is on the rampage...

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