Missa Macula non est in te by Louis Le Prince
For women's voices (1663)

Score (Le Prince's Mass) edited by the Centre de musique baroque de Versailles
Recorded at Notre-Dame-du-Liban in Paris (October 2012)

With Glossa
Distribution Harmonia Mundi

Release 9 April 2013

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After the success of his production "Fastes des cathédrales" for men's voices, around Pierre Bouteiller's exceptional Requiem, Hervé Niquet continues his exploration of the French sacred repertoire, and takes us along the road of the cathedrals, around 1670.

The Mass "Macula non est in te" by Louis Le Prince is the only work we have today of this French composer. The mystery about the musician's life remains unaddressed, we only know that he was active in the middle of the 17th century and that he was chapel master of Lisieux Cathedral.

As he has already done with Pierre Bouteiller's Requiem, Hervé Niquet offers us the reconstitution of an office around the Mass "Macula non est in te" of Le Prince, as we could have heard it in the Baroque period (in the distribution of the singers - here the voices of women only - and the instruments available to the chapel master). Five motets of Charpentier and a small motet of Lully "O dulcissime Domine", dedicated to Christ, will be inserted between the five parts of the ordinary of Le Prince's Mass.

This program for women's voices is an opportunity for Hervé Niquet to pay homage to his female choir; the main piece of Le Concert Spirituel with which he defends the most varied repertoires throughout the world, from Vivaldi's psalms to the original projects, as Striggio's Mass for 40 voices, nominated for the Grammy Awards 2013.