Vivaldi's Gloria & Magnificat

Production Le Concert Spirituel & Alpha Classics / Outhere Music
With Alpha Classics

Release 3 Novemer 2015

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Le Concert Spirituel and Hervé Niquet propose a version of the Gloria & Magnificat by Vivaldi that no one never heard. It’s the original version, the one that Vivaldi had written for the Ospedale in Venice, the orphanage where he was hired in 1703 as a violin teacher then later, maestro de’ concerti. 

This release is in line with previous works of Le Concert Spirituel on "voix égales", which refers to a liturgical practice common to all the 17th and 18th centuries in Europa. In France, for example, there was Pierre Bouteiller or Louis Le Prince, whom Le Concert Spirituel has also interpreted in recent years.

"Performing Vivaldi is absolutely exhilarating: everyone must be in top form, throwing all their strength into the battle and, as a result, the music releases a wild energy. But that is not all: this genius priest and educator succeeds in producing the sweetest possible sound one moment, followed by thundering passage an, just when we think we have reached the summit, an even more explosive choral sequence, followed immediately by an ineffable tenderness sung by two voices, and so on. [...] Taking it on is a bit like attending a yoga class: sometimes you are reluctant to go, but in the end, you feel envelopped in the greatest jubilation. Even after studying his music for several decades, I admit that I never tire of it."

Hervé Niquet