Messiah by Haendel

DVD coproduction Wahoo / Opéra royal - Château de Versailles Spectacles
Filmed at the Royal Chapel of Versailles
Film director: Julien Condemine

With Château de Versailles Spectacles

Release 10 january 2020

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Sandrine Piau
Anthea Pichanick
Krešimir Špicer
Božidar Smiljanić

Le Concert Spirituel, choir and orchestra
Hervé Niquet, conductor


Filmed in decembre 2018 at the Chapelle Royale de Versailles.

The resounding success Handel’s Messiah encountered the first time it was presented in Dublin in 1742 set the scene for its future. The oratorio depicts the Sacred History of Christ in three parts: the Nativity, Christ’s Passion and Resurrection and finally, Redemption. The alternance of airs and choirs is perfect and Handel’s musical knowledge infallible. Messiah quickly became the composer’s most successful work. It was played thirty-six times during his lifetime and has continued to be presented to modern day, embodying just how majestic and sublime music can be. During its première in London, King George II was so moved by the mythical Hallelujah! that he could not help but leap to his feet, with the entire audience following his lead. In the sumptuous Royal Chapel at Versailles, Hervé Niquet leads four impassioned soloists and a tremulous choir to the height of Handel’s most resplendent baroque edifice!

Le Messie de Haendel - Opéra royal de Versailles