• Le Concert Spirituel à Versailles © Thierry Nava
    Le Concert Spirituel à Versailles © Thierry Nava

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Created in 2014, the endowment fund of Le Concert Spirituel, under Jean-Jacques Aillagon's presidency, allows companies and individuals to support our growth and development. The donations collected ensure the influence of the ensemble in France and throughout the world, serving the French musical heritage, through prestigious productions. The endowment fund is an indispensable tool for the rediscovery of unprecedented masterpieces and offers its patrons a real immersion at the heart of creation, around Hervé Niquet.

Each donor benefits from the legal tax reduction, under the patronage of company (tax reduction is equal to 60 % of the amount of the donation made in cash or in competence  within the limits of 0,5 % of the sales H.T.) or individual (tax reduction is equal to 66 % of the sums paid, held in the annual limit of 20 % of the taxable income).

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Martina Morales
Fundraising officer
+33 (0)1 40 26 11 16

Le Concert Spirituel thanks the donors of its Endowment Fund and its individual donors of “Le Carré des Muses”.

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