• Hervé Niquet © Eric Manas
    Hervé Niquet © Eric Manas
  • Mozart à Salzbourg copyright Festival des Lumières
    Mozart à Salzbourg copyright Festival des Lumières
  • Mozart à Salzbourg
    Mozart à Salzbourg
  • Mozart à Salzbourg
    Mozart à Salzbourg

Sunday 23 August 2020, 7pm30 and 9pm30
Basilique Saint-Sauveur de Rocamadour
Festival de Rocamadour

Tuesday 8 September 2020, 7pm, then 8pm and 9pm (3 concerts / 30 min)
Cour de l'Hôtel de Guénégaud, 60 rue des Archives Paris 75003
Free entrance
As part of the "Un été particulier" operation launched by the City of Paris with the support of the DRAC Île-de-France's "L'été culturel en Île-de-France" initiative

CANCELLED - Friday 30 October 2020, 8pm30 6pm30
Théâtre de l'Archipel de Perpignan
Festival de musique sacrée de Perpignan

Sunday 28 March 2021, 4pm
Opéra de Massy

Concert program

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Messe brève en Fa Majeur Kv. 192
Messe brève en Ré Majeur Kv. 194
Sonate d'église en Do Majeur Kv. 328
Sonate d’église en La Majeur Kv. 225
Ave verum KV 618

Joseph Haydn
Offertorium « Non nobis Domine »
Alleluia, ext. de « O coelitum beati », motet
Concerto pour orgue (2nd mouvement Adagio)
Te Deum n°1 en Do Majeur

Michael Haydn
« Sub tuum praesidium » MH 654 en Do Majeur
Ave verum en Fa Majeur

1h30 with an interval

Mozart's Messes brèves and works by the Haydn brothers

What could be more subtle than letting music transmit, without words, the ideas of the divine text?
The programme of this concert invites us to experience this questioning, with Mozart's Masses breves KV 192 and KV 194, each adopting a different position. Haydn's Te Deum No.1 in C major and Mozart's Ave verum KV 618 seek synthesis. In this they respond to the ideal of balance considered indispensable to beauty by 18th century society. The expression brought back to the essential then touches the most intimate.

"The brevity of these Salzburg masses, probably due to an officiant who preferred the speed of the services to the heavy and endless pump of the great masses, allows us to play two of them in the same evening. Adding prelude, gradual, offertory and motet of communion will be a child's play and a gourmandise of a researcher by drawing from the works of the Haydn brothers, Michael and Joseph. None of our authors pull the cover to him, all three being concentrated to serve with their best and with all their art the divine service! A few minutes of happiness thanks to a bishop in a hurry, it's paradise, right?"
Hervé Niquet

Ave Verum de Mozart (Festival de Souvigny)