• 2017 | Le Concert Spirituel
    2017 | Le Concert Spirituel
  • Hervé Niquet
    Hervé Niquet
  • King Arthur à Versailles
    King Arthur à Versailles
  • Séance d'enregistrement
    Séance d'enregistrement
  • Le Concert Spirituel à Montpellier
    Le Concert Spirituel à Montpellier

30 years, where to start? Born with Hervé Niquet in the late 1980s, Le Concert Spirituel first appeared on stage in 1987. Who would have imagined the rest of the story?

Today, Le Concert Spirituel is a choir and orchestra led by a dancing conductor. We never try to count the number of rediscoveries made by Hervé Niquet over the years, the most brilliant one will undoubtedly be Joseph Bodin de Boismortier who will have punctuated the history of the ensemble. Betting on crazy ideas such as raising the Mass to 40 voices of Striggio, touring the Requiem of Pierre Bouteiller, or collaborating with Corinne and Gilles Benizio (alias Shirley and Dino), these are all the facets of Le Concert Spirituel that make its richness.

"No one would have bet on it. Yet the public is fond of these discoveries. I'm lucky to meet music-loving, passionate and courageous producers who invite us and our crazy ideas!" Hervé Niquet

30 years, you can't do it alone. There is this loyal and passionate troupe, with confirmed talents and younger ones. The unconditional and precious support of personalities met like Jean and Nicole Bru (today by the Fondation Bru), as well as a few years ago the Fondation BNP Paribas and since 2014 Mécénat Musical Société Générale and the SMA Group; without forgetting the Ministry of Culture and the City of Paris which follow our adventure. The richness of our projects was also born from meetings and partnerships with halls, festivals, artists, institutions, musicologists, labels, etc. And finally, our enthusiasm comes in large part from the support of the public, which pushes us to always innovate. 


You have to search in the discography of Le Concert Spirituel to realise all the work accomplished. There are our hits: Handel's Water Music & Fireworks (and soon his Messiah with Alpha Classics), Purcell's King Arthur or Vivaldi's Gloria and Magnificat; our darlings: Te Deum with 8 voices from Charpentier or Marin Marais' Sémélé; our little nuggets: Callirhoe of Destouches or the Boismortier's Sonates pour basses.

"If we want to live, we must be committed and at the highest level. Harmony is the most complicated to achieve, but success comes at this moment, after an hour of work in which we reach a perfect major accord." Hervé Niquet

We celebrated our 15th birthday with Handel's Water Music & Fireworks, then 25 years with Striggio's Mass for 40 Voices, and our 30th birthday was the occasion to present to our audience Orazio Benevolo (already scattered in some of the our programmes) through the polychorality of monumental baroque. It will also be the occasion to celebrate them with us during the October tour of "Un Opéra Imaginaire", a new baroque madness!

We hope to live this adventure with you for a long time to come. So, the next 30 years are going to be great!

Joyeux anniversaire